Rugby Equipment

Rugby Equipment

We sell a wide range of high quality Rugby Equipment at very competitive prices. This is a list of all the equipment that your team needs:

Match Balls, Training Balls, Ball Bags/Nets,  Rugby Gloves.

Visit our Training and Pitch equipment pages if you require any of our other products. 

To receive a quotation or to make an order please contact us by e-mail at or call us on 022-22176 or 087-2588270.

Tel. 022-22176
Mob. 087-2588270

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Hurleys, Sliotars (Cummins all star, O Donnels),All Weather Sliotars, Wallballs, Ground Skill Balls, Lineballs (Sliotars On a Line), Drill Balls, Pocca (Swingball Effort), Helmets, Hurley Grips. Footballs ,(O’ Neills, Mckeever) Training  Footballs, First Touch Footballs, Quick Touch Footballs, Smart Touch Footballs Kicking Tees, Ball Sacks, Ball Nets, Football Gloves. Training Bibs, First Aid Kits, Kit Bags, Cones, Dome Cones, Hurdles, Ladders, Hoops, Slalom Poles, Tackle Bags, Medicine Balls, Water Bottles, Water Carriers, Speed Resistors, Tag Belts, Evasion Belts. Goal Posts, Goal Nets, Pitch End Netting, Dugouts, Pitch and Line Markers, Pitch Flags, Boot Cleaners.